November 17, 2013

Classic Style Home Built Using Timbercrete 'Sandstone' Bricks

Matching 'Sandstone' landscaping compliments Timbercrete 'Sandstone' bricks.
This beautiful home, built in Bellevue Heights SA, surely stands to impress with its elegant style of 'Sandstone' Timbercrete bricks and matching landscape artistry.

Not only does the home look great, however, with the thermal qualities of Timbercrete, the bricks provide nearly 7 times more insulation value than that of a standard clay brick while still performing as a thermal mass.

These bricks were hand-made in Timbercrete's Adelaide South plant just 25 minutes down the road in McLaren Vale. Not only does the local distance mean less energy costs in transport but the Timbercrete mixture being manufactured using local timber waste and Timbercrete bricks being air-dried, means a negative use in carbon output compared to the large volumes of carbon output produced through clay brick manufacturing.

The blocks on this home are manufactured with a 'Sandstone' finish, Timbercrete blocks can also come in a 'Cobbletsone' or 'Textured' finish and a variety of colours.

For more information regarding Timbercrete products please visit this LINK and for contact and pricing information from the Adelaide South supplier please click HERE