December 16, 2010

Timbercrete's fire proof properties help in rebuild.

As bushfire season approaches there are many people who have their family homes in bushfire zones ready to stand guard and fight for their homes or even lives, in the case of pending fire disaster.

Timbercrete brick's Fire Resistant Properties have proven to be home saving in the past (as can be seen in this photo) and now are being used and considered for the walls of homes where bushfires could be a danger as Brad Worrall from  the Border Mail reports.

When fire tests (click on link for test results) were conducted on a Timbercrete wall at 1200 degrees Celsius over a period of 4hrs, it can be seen that the other side of the wall only achieved a temperature of up to approx 75 degrees under 30 tonne of pressure. This is good reason for walls in homes to be built from Timbercrete bricks in bushfire zones as temperatures rarely will get to that temperature or be active on the fire font for that extent of time.

For more information regarding Timbercrete bricks please visit or follow this link for contact details. Timbercrete bricks are also now available from Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills.