July 12, 2012

Timbercrete 'Red' Bricks

Check out these 100mm thick, 600 series red bricks made from Timbercrete!

Built in Victor Harbor, S.A. this new home is sure to be both stunning in features, environmentally respectful and low in it's use of energy.

Being 5 times greater in insulation (R) value than that of a standard clay brick means they are a perfect replacement and will save you dollars in the long term, with lower energy costs. Not to mention the positive effect Timbercrete brings to the environment.

Timbercrete, being made with Timber waste and the process of manufacturing being extremely simple, actually reduces carbon emissions, which means there's no carbon tax here!

The costs of Timbercrete bricks will not drive a hole in your pocket either as they are very comparable prices to clay brick.

For further information and pricing please check out the website and contact your nearest Timbercrete Franchise.