August 22, 2011

R3.7 Timbercrete provides a Super Insulator Block

Super Insulator Blocks
With the current requirements of Star ratings and the need for a minimum of R2.8 insulation factor for walls, welcome to the market Timbercrete's Super Insulator blocks! Combined with Timbercrete's award winning formula, the insert of 110mm of High Density styrene brings this baby to a whopping R3.7! Laid in the same manner as your standard bricks and blocks and with superb load-bearing capacities, this block is an 'all you need' product for wall building components. Couple this insulation factor with the capacity for Timbercrete blocks to store tonnes of carbon, have the highest fire ratings, be only half the weight of clay and concrete products, have the ability to be nailed and screwed just like timber and be manufactured in a way that allows rods and all services to be run inside the blocks, this block is a winner! This home, being built in Aldinga SA, is using the Timbercrete blocks as an insulative external layer combined with the thermal mass of rammed earth for some internal walls. With a northerly facing aspect and  excellent use of openings for natural light and warmth, this home will be sure to only impact as a small blip on energy use.
Services in Super Insulator Blocks
For more information on Timbercrete's Super Insulator blocks please contact your local Timbercrete manufacturer.

Aldinga SA, near finished Timbercrete Home