June 27, 2012

Beautiful 'Country Style' Home in Goolwa

This beautiful home, built in Goolwa on the Fleurieu Peninsula SA, is a brilliant example of Timbercrete's 360 Series 'Cobbblestone' blocks.

Built in Double-brick cavity construction, the customers are extremely happy with the thermal performance of the home, with temperatures steady between 18-25 degrees all year round and very low energy costs for heating and cooling when required.

Most of all, the impression of the home is cozy and warm and has a very soft 'country style home' appeal.

The blocks themselves have an R 0.6 rating and combined in Double-brick form give significant thermal benefit both as an insulator and thermal mass.

The size of the blocks also are a feature, being a perfect 'drop-in' replacement for clay brick increments making the 360 Series a much more environmentally friendly and energy efficient option for consideration for a standard build.

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