May 11, 2011

Timbercrete Blocks, great for the ears!

Thinking of building with Timbercrete Bricks? If you are, then be assured that the latest acoustic tests prove that Timbercrete won't give you any problems with hearing the neighbours, the traffic, or noises that come from the inside out.

Timbercrete performs extremely well acoustically and in most cases exceeds the minimum requirements for construction in a variety of applications

"It's also worth noting that not only does Timbercrete perform better than clay fired brick in that it is able to absorb sound, but it also outperforms aerated concrete such as Hebel Blocks with regard to sound transference (airborne sound transmission loss). It seems that aerated concrete performs very poorly compared with Timbercrete in sound transmission tests. With regards to the sound absorption test, Timbercrete also performs better especially as aerated concrete also needs to be rendered says Peter Collier from Timbercrete Pty Ltd"

So, if you're looking for an excellent brick product that is loadbearing, carries highest possible fire ratings, blocks out sound and looks great, then look no further than Timbercrete!