December 5, 2011

Before and After with Timbercrete Landscaping blocks



Here's a couple of shots of a landscaping job in McLaren Vale, we used Timbercrete Half Large Retaining blocks (Prices here). Came up a treat!

October 6, 2011

New Display on the Main Rd McLaren Vale

New Display Main Rd McLaren Vale

Drop in next time you're down to sip a Shiraz.

Now for some Signage!
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October 4, 2011

Timbercrete 'Half Height Large' blocks for retaining

These Timbercrete retaining blocks are perfect for that garden with a slope as demonstrated here from a home in Salisbury Heights SA.

The blocks can come in a beveled finish like these or a straight finish with a variety of textures.
All Timbercrete blocks can also be manufactured in a variety of colours, just ask your local manufacturer.

September 21, 2011

Timbercrete 'Big Block' retaining.

For your next Retaining job in the the front or back yard consider Timbercrete 'Big Blocks'. At 50-60kg's each, while they'll take a couple of workers to lift into place they're sure to look great and certainly are not moving for anyone once in place.

Perfect for the heavy retaining job or the bold garden bed, these blocks are a winner!

Timbercrete, being an environmental blend of timber -waste, sand and binders, won't attract the masses of heat that concrete does, which your plants will be sure to thank you for.

The blocks are 900mm long 300mm high and 300mm deep and come in a variety of colours. There are 3.7 blocks to the m2. For a quote, contact Glenn in Adelaide or your nearest Timbercrete franchise across australia.

August 22, 2011

R3.7 Timbercrete provides a Super Insulator Block

Super Insulator Blocks
With the current requirements of Star ratings and the need for a minimum of R2.8 insulation factor for walls, welcome to the market Timbercrete's Super Insulator blocks! Combined with Timbercrete's award winning formula, the insert of 110mm of High Density styrene brings this baby to a whopping R3.7! Laid in the same manner as your standard bricks and blocks and with superb load-bearing capacities, this block is an 'all you need' product for wall building components. Couple this insulation factor with the capacity for Timbercrete blocks to store tonnes of carbon, have the highest fire ratings, be only half the weight of clay and concrete products, have the ability to be nailed and screwed just like timber and be manufactured in a way that allows rods and all services to be run inside the blocks, this block is a winner! This home, being built in Aldinga SA, is using the Timbercrete blocks as an insulative external layer combined with the thermal mass of rammed earth for some internal walls. With a northerly facing aspect and  excellent use of openings for natural light and warmth, this home will be sure to only impact as a small blip on energy use.
Services in Super Insulator Blocks
For more information on Timbercrete's Super Insulator blocks please contact your local Timbercrete manufacturer.

Aldinga SA, near finished Timbercrete Home

July 27, 2011

New Hunter Series Sandstone Brick

Many home owners love the look of a Sandstone home, now it could be more of a reality than just a dream. Timbercrete's new Hunter Series 'Sandstone' brick looks phenomenal, is a perfect replacement size for clay brick, has environmental benefits to burn and is economically priced. Not to mention the fact that you can nail it like timber, it has loadbearing support for double brick construction and has the highest fire rating that a masonry product can achieve, i'd say it's very desirable to consider this brick as the brick of choice for your next home build.

Being half the weight of clay or concrete, bricklayers can easily lay this brick with one hand yet they are laying three brick sizes in one, the dimensions being exactly one and a half times the length and two times the height of a standard clay brick also means it will take a third of the time and third of the mortar which means a third of the cost of labour to install.

Overall if you like a Sandstone look or even if you want to render, this Timbercrete, Hunter Series brick is the best eco responsible solution to replace the environment burning clay brick for your next build.
For information and pricing please click here

May 11, 2011

Timbercrete Blocks, great for the ears!

Thinking of building with Timbercrete Bricks? If you are, then be assured that the latest acoustic tests prove that Timbercrete won't give you any problems with hearing the neighbours, the traffic, or noises that come from the inside out.

Timbercrete performs extremely well acoustically and in most cases exceeds the minimum requirements for construction in a variety of applications

"It's also worth noting that not only does Timbercrete perform better than clay fired brick in that it is able to absorb sound, but it also outperforms aerated concrete such as Hebel Blocks with regard to sound transference (airborne sound transmission loss). It seems that aerated concrete performs very poorly compared with Timbercrete in sound transmission tests. With regards to the sound absorption test, Timbercrete also performs better especially as aerated concrete also needs to be rendered says Peter Collier from Timbercrete Pty Ltd"

So, if you're looking for an excellent brick product that is loadbearing, carries highest possible fire ratings, blocks out sound and looks great, then look no further than Timbercrete!