May 17, 2014


So we have some surplus stock available for SALE!

The blocks are in our 500mm Sandstone finish as can be seen in the photo's.

Home recently under construction in Mount Compass SA
using the 500 series Sandstone blocks.
Sandstone Timbercrete Blocks in the Yard.

Home built with Timbercrete 500 series Sandstone Blocks in Bellevue Heights SA

These blocks are sized at 192mm H x 492mm L x 120mm in thickness. They have an approximate 'R' value of R.7 and weigh approx 12kg each.

Usually these blocks sell for $6.80 each but on sale now for just $6.00* per block if you purchase 100m2.

I have over 100m2 ready to lay in stock plus corner blocks.

If you are interested in these blocks or would like further information, please email me HERE

They are available from McLaren Vale SA.

* Please note that price does not include freight, pallet fees or required sealants.

May 14, 2014

Timbercrete 360 Series Sandstone Bricks are becoming a popular choice with homeowners!

While Timbercrete offers a wide variety of choice for sizes of bricks and blocks, our 360 Series, 100mm thick blocks are fast becoming the most popular.

Contrasting Timber Colour goes well with Timbercrete.
Used in either double-brick fashion (as shown in the photo's) or veneer, these blocks offer 4-5 times the 'R' rating than that of a standard clay brick, are 50% lighter in weight than clay or concrete, have super high fire ratings, fantastic acoustic properties and the list goes on.

These 360 Series blocks are manufactured to slot into clay brick increments, meaning if your home has been planned for clay bricks then these can be used as far superior substitute, not to mention how great they look as well!

The block size of the 360 series is one and a half times the length of a standard brick and two times the height, this means whenever your bricklayer lays a block, he's laying 3 standard sized bricks in one hit! Because of the lighter weight your bricklayer can still lay the bricks with one hand no problem. This means savings on time and costs!
A bricklayer easily lays a Timbercrete brick.

Most of all Timbercrete blocks are hand made and the mixture is made using recycled timber waste. The energy it takes to manufacture a Timbercrete block is minimal, especially when compared to the hungry embodied energy it takes to manufacture a kiln fired clay brick.

If you're interested in having a look at a Timbercrete home or want further information or pricing please follow the link or go to and find your nearest supplier.

Beautiful Timbercrete home in Middleton, South Australia.