September 10, 2010

Sustainable Shoalhaven home wins awards!

An initiative of Timbercrete, the 'Sustaining our Shoalhaven House Project' has won the 2009 Timber Award by the NSW Country Division of the Australian Institute of Architects. 

The Shoalhaven House Project aims to show examples to inspire people to make their very own sustainable homes. Timbercrete makes the sustainable home more environmentally friendly by providing their top quality building products.

Timbercrete brings many valuable aspects to the job of creating sustainable homes. Increased insulation value and improved thermal mass are just two of the qualities that help produce a sustainable home. The building products are also highly fire resistant and actually store carbon gas and so contribute to the lessening of carbon dioxide emission. Timbercrete creates building masonry that is thermally efficient to make inspiring sustainable homes.

Timbercrete's products can be made in many varying textures and lengths to create many creative variations and thus makes not only environmentally sensitive but also attractive and one of a kind sustainable homes.

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